MedBAN – Results of Open Calls [Oct. 2, 2023]

MedBAN, the Mediterranean Blue Acceleration Network, is mobilizing EU blue economy SMEs to adopt processes and technologies for a greener, more digital and resilient economy. MedBAN integrates the #Euroclusters’ Initiative and is closely aligned with its specific objectives on the adoption of processes and technologies for the green and digital transition, training for the up and re-skilling of the workforce and internationalization of EU SMEs.

The consortium is managing two open call schemes to fund a set of services for SMEs on innovation, training, twin transformation and internationalisation issues. These calls aim to contribute to tackling the multiple challenges identified by MedBAN in the Mediterranean Sea Basin and to providing financial support to SMEs working in the blue economy to support their innovation and internationalisation. A total of 88 SMEs from 14 countries have participated in these calls, collectively submitting 100 applications. These applications are centred around adapting processes and technologies to create a greener, more digital, and resilient blue economy.

For more information: and an infographic:

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