MaQuam ERASMUS+ Project for Nautical & Coastal Tourism

MaQuaM ERASMUS+ Project
MaQuaM ERASMUS+ Project

Strategis has been awarded the ERASMUS+ project, 2020-1-IT01-KA202-008459, MaQuaM “International Qualification on Marine and Tourism for the Mediterranean Harbours”, with the aim to develop human resources in the nautical sector favoring the integration between shipbuilding production chains, ports and tourist services. Specifically, MaQuam shall develop an ECVET certified programme for the training of the professiona profile of “Manager of integrated services for boating and coastal tourism.”


ECVET certified program

The MaQuaM program designs and develops an ECVET certified Education/Training program for Marina Managers with the focus on Yachting and Coastal Tourism. The pilot program is scheduled to be offered in 2022 free of charge to 20 un-employed & 10 employed people from Greece.