Vision & Mission

With the vision to become a world-class maritime cluster & technology flagship of the Greek Shipping industry in the Shipping 4.0 era, Strategis offers 21st century maritime services and synergies for growth enabling Smart Sea – sustainable business opportunities.

The mission of Strategis is to create effective business ecosystems in Digital Shipping and the Blue Economy; expand the competitive advantage of Greek Shipping; and contribute to the sustainable development of the Marine & Maritime sector in the Southeastern Europe (SEE) region and the Mediterranean.

Strategis also supports mechanisms facilitating cooperation between local research, SMEs, the public sector, and social organizations to stimulate innovation & entrepreneurship, leading the way to 4-helix clustering.


To achieve the strategic objective of consolidating shipping and Blue Economy as a key factor of regional development, Strategis focuses on:

  • Research and Development in frontier Maritime & Smart-Sea ICT technologies.
  • Strategy and innovative business models for the Blue Economy.
  • Raising the creative human capital of the region.
  • Infrastructure development supporting smart, sustainable growth (smart sea, smart ship, smart port, and smart city technologies).
  • International standardization activities, policies and regulations facilitating efficient collaboration of stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.