MarMED project – WP2 report on “Skill Gaps Analysis”

The #MarMED project aims at bridging the gap between the existing needs and the current skillset of Maritime Clusters Managers, ensuring upskilling, for the outline of an innovative professional profile for an increased competitiveness of Maritime Clusters in the Mediterranean area and, overall, boosting innovation and sustainable growth in the Blue Economy sector.

The work carried out in WP2 “Skill Gaps Analysis” aimed at reaching a deeper understanding of key skill gaps of current and future Blue Cluster managers, emphasizing the mismatch between current training programs and current market needs, in both technical (e.g., digitalization, foreign language) and soft skills (e.g., problem-solving, interpersonal skills). It recommended a more practical and interdisciplinary training approach, emphasizing continuous learning and improved career prospects, particularly for young talents, encouraging training with multidisciplinary and integrated approaches.

You may consult the report on “Skill Gaps Analysis here:, and in the following:

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